Retained Consultant (General Manager and field consultant for various projects as outlined below)

  • Aeroground Vancouver International Airport – Pre-engineered secured warehouse and office complex
  • Cascade Aerospace, Abbotsford Airport – Airplane maintenance facility with capacity for 4 Boeing 737 at one time. Responsible for total erection of entire building. Awarded installation contract from Mega Door (Petrie GA, USA) to install roll up closure doors. Services retained by Advanced Ground Systems to install all maintenance equipment to work on 737 jets, as well as to fabricate components of the system in a shop in Richmond. ($60MM capital cost)
  • Total rebuild of West Fraser Sawmills Ltd’s Ainsworth mill in Chasm BC. ($30MM)
  • Expansion of Primex Sawmills in Delta BC ($12MM)
  • Tolko Forest Products expansion of Riverside Forest Ltd plywood plant in Armstrong BC. Involved 60,000 sq feet of asbestos removal, and helicopter mechanical erecting. Construction was required to occur during production, and access to work areas was challenging due to existing plant layout. ($28MM)
  • Building of award winning green power generating plants in Pemberton and Whistler BC with Western Versatile and Kewitt Construction Ltd. ($22MM and $35MM)