At NOM Consulting, we provide the attention to detail that is needed to deliver excellence in health, safety and environmental performance as we believe that outstanding business performance is synonymous with outstanding HSE performance.

We stand by our conviction that operations are performed in a safe manner which ensures we meet or exceed compliance standards, policies, procedures, guidelines and government legislation. Our commitments to HSE compliance, the prevention of incidents and the continual improvement on our systems and our industry knowledge is what drives our work forward to ensure project completion is not only timely, but safe and injury free.

The basis behind NOM Consulting’s HSE Policy is simple:

  • We believe all injuries are preventable and continuously strive for “Zero Harm” on our Projects.
  • We recognize that HSE is everyone’s responsibility, and that we have an obligation to intervene to ensure we correct unsafe conditions, prevent unsafe acts and reinforce safe behaviours. “Work Site Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility”.
  • We strive to continuously improve on our systems and knowledge of HSE best practices as working safely is a condition of employment
  • We provide healthy, safe and secure work environments for our employees and the communities in which we operate.
  • We respect the environment and achieve environmental protection through responsible resource and waste management practices – to maintain any adverse effects that may be made on the environment.
  • We will meet or exceed compliance with government law and regulations.
  • We will proactively work with clients, sub-contractors and regulators to ensure attainability of our “Zero Harm” goal in an open and approachable manner.
  • Our commitment to faithfully observe HSE best practices is an integral part of our business and our values.